Priorities In Religious Education

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The office works with children and their families in Pope Francis Global Academy our school and children and their families enrolled in public and non-Catholic schools. It is the mission of the RE office to assist parents with the religious education of their children. Welcome to Religious Education at St.


Tarcissus Church. Religious Education is a place for children to belong. Each child is important. Each child is a gift from God. We encourage one another and our children to experience Christ. As followers of Christ we are called to act.

Service is an important part of our religious education experience. We are active members in the mission of the Church. I hope your entire family will grow in faith as we work together in service. All Religious Education starts in the family. The desire to teach the faith to your child starts with your example at home. There is nothing we can teach your child that can replace what you can teach your child at home. If you are active in your faith, your child will notice. If you place a low priority on God and faith, your child will also notice.

His coming this way is a sign of his Church and his Kingdom. And it is a sign for our own identity as Catholics. We are all children of some people or another. We are Filipinos or Salvadorans or Mexicans or Irish. But no matter where we come from, in Jesus Christ we are made children of God and brothers and sisters as one family in his Catholic Church. Jesus gave to his Church the mission to proclaim this good news to everyone and to make this beautiful vision of God a reality in our world — beginning in every human heart.

We are called to break down every barrier that keeps us from loving one another as brothers and sisters, whether it comes from our pride or racism or fear. Our ethnic and cultural identities are important to who we are and who God wants us to be. But our identity in faith calls us to be much more than what we are by blood.


Priorities In Religious Education

To be Catholic means understanding ourselves as sons and daughters — not only of our earthly parents, but of God. Our Catholic faith requires us to reach out beyond our boundaries. Beyond our own backgrounds and our own customary ways of doing things.

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We all have so much to share with our brothers and sisters and so much we can learn from them. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most radical doctrine in the history of ideas. If the world believed what Jesus proclaimed — that God is our Father and we are all brothers and sisters created in his image with God-given dignity and a transcendent destiny — every society could be transformed over night. The Catholic vision is spiritual not political.

The motive and measure in everything we do is our concern to promote the flourishing of the human person. Our principles drive us to work for justice and the common good, to protect the vulnerable and lift up the weak, to promote freedom and human dignity, and to prefer remedies that are personal, local and small-scale.

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In America and abroad, the people of our globalized society seem to tolerate a growing list of injustices and indignities. The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church , an essential resource, is nearly pages long. But among the evils and injustices in American life in , abortion and euthanasia are different and stand alone. Each is a direct, personal attack on innocent and vulnerable human life. The Church must continue to insist that the fundamental injustice and violence in our society is the direct killing of those who are not yet born through abortion and those who are sick and at the end of their lives through euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Personal conversion is an end in itself, but it is also a means to an end. The celestial kingdom will not be a place of spiritual seclusion where a person finally escapes the mortal burden of caring for others. In essence, the twofold design of the gospel is to come unto Christ ourselves and to help others come unto Him. This dual dimension of our discipleship cannot be otherwise. Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit. We have been commanded to share the gospel and to be a leaven to the world.

We are to serve others and to teach them the verities of eternity. To teach spiritual things effectively, we must first be spiritually effective ourselves. We must be careful, though, not to adopt the false notion that we can let our spiritual lives deteriorate while we still maintain the ability to help others spiritually or that we can help others gain and develop testimonies of the truth while not having done so ourselves. President Marion G. To assume that we can seek the salvation of others while disregarding our own and that we will somehow receive an eternal reward for doing so is to err.

Interestingly, the converse is also true. In fact, the two are so intricately interwoven that it is difficult to separate them. In other words, our devotions to God, to family, and to others are not mutually exclusive categories but are reinforcing and complementary duties. Elder John A. Church and home cannot be separated.

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Neither one comes first. They are one. Elder M. To do so could be hazardous. One could become monastic though scholastic. Christian service to mankind could crowd out the living scriptures and become so consuming that one could forget his duties to family and to God, being a do-gooder almost as an escape from the family framework.

It is true that our families, although extremely important, are not our absolute highest priority. But this fact does not give us license to neglect or abuse them. Certain things do need to get done at certain times in our lives. Additionally, we cannot simply force into our lives everything and anything that will possibly fit. Elder Holland captured this principle beautifully with the following analogy:.

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As a youth in England, Samuel Plimsoll was fascinated with watching ships load and unload their cargoes. He soon observed that, regardless of the cargo space available, each ship had its maximum capacity. If a ship exceeded its limit, it would likely sink at sea. In Plimsoll entered Parliament and passed a merchant shipping act that, among other things, called for making calculations of how much a ship could carry.

As a result, lines were drawn on the hull of each ship in England. As the cargo was loaded, the freighter would sink lower and lower into the water. When the water level on the side of the ship reached the Plimsoll mark, the ship was considered loaded to capacity, regardless of how much space remained. As a result, British deaths at sea were greatly reduced. Like ships, people have differing capacities at different times and even different days in their lives.

Together we need to monitor the load levels and be helpful in shedding or at least readjusting some cargo if we see our sweetheart is sinking. Then, when the ship of love is stabilized, we can evaluate long-term what has to continue, what can be put off until another time, and what can be put off permanently. We owe it to each other to declare some limits and then help jettison some things if emotional health and the strength of loving relationships are at risk. Finding proper balance with our most important priorities is indeed challenging, especially when there are so many positive and worthwhile things we can do.

One can have an exclusionary regard for good music and similarly with a worthy profession. Only the Highest One can fully guide us as to the highest good which you and I can do. Similarly, Elder Richard G. When things of the world crowd in, all too often the wrong things take highest priority. Then it is easy to forget the fundamental purpose of life.