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The show contains partial nudity.

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Bullied, neglected, and cut from the football team, things are rough for Roy Chutney Ryan Gosling until h The enchanting modern classic is based on the Broadway musical, Not just another night at the opera. August 15, at am Print Article. Jagger's song, an up-tempo rocker in a minor key, were played. Jagger also played work tapes to show the genesis of his ''Just Another Night,'' and lawyers for both sides sang a few lines. At recesses and lunch breaks during the trial, Mr.

Jagger signed autographs; on Monday night, when the jury deliberated for three and a half hours before being sent home for the night by Judge Goettel, a crowd of fans broke a courthouse door in hopes of reaching the singer. Alley and his lawyers had contended that Mr.

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Jagger had either heard the song, recorded in and released on Mr. Alley's own label in , or that Mr.

Dunbar had brought it to his attention during recording sessions for ''She's the Boss. Dunbar testified that he had worked on thousands of songs, and could not recall if Mr.

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Alley's ''Just Another Night'' was one on which he had played. The case revolved around whether the songs' choruses were similar: Mr. Alley's is ''Can I spend another, just another night, just another night with you,'' and Mr.

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  6. On Mr. Alley's side, Andrew William Thomas, a musician who teaches pre-collegiate courses on Saturdays at Juilliard testified that the songs were identical, exhibiting his own much-debated transcription of the Jagger song; in his closing summation Peter Parcher, one of Mr. Jagger's lawyers, characterized Mr.

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    Jagger's side, which exhibited the commercially printed sheet music of the Jagger song, Michael White, the chairman of the literature and materials division at Juilliard, testified that the melodies had only their closing, tonic note in common when transposed into the same key. There was extended testimony over the songs' differences in tempo, rhythm and structure, and over what proportion of each song would constitute ''substantial similarity. Alley's lawyers, said in his summation that Mr. Jagger had used ''the spark, the guts'' of Mr.

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    Alley's song. In his charge to the jury, Judge Goettel said that to prove infringement, Mr.

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    Alley had to demonstrate that Mr. Jagger had had access to the song and that the two songs were substantially similar. In addition, he said, to hold Mr. Jagger liable the jury would have to decide that he had not created his song independently.

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