George Best: A Celebration: Untold True Stories of Our Most Legendary Footballer

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And it seems the image of Broadway Joe wasn't just made for TV.

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Many claim L. His pass rush was legendary, and he remains one of the most feared and intimidating players in NFL history. But it's no secret that Taylor had a dark side awash in drugs, alcohol and prostitutes throughout much of his Hall of Fame career. He finally failed a drug test in , and then failed another one year later. A third test would have resulted in a lifetime ban from the game, so L. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, Taylor still had some tricks up his sleeve to get himself revved up for games, sending prostitutes to opponents' hotel rooms, as well as routinely calling on these ladies' services for his own benefit.

Boggs would remain the only player to reach this plateau with a long ball until Derek Jeter joined him in Despite his legendary on-field resume, Boggs is notorious for his ability to down prodigious quantities of Miller Lite while traveling to the West Coast back in his playing days. While guest hosting the morning show on Seattle's KJR , former Major League pitcher Jeff Nelson claimed Boggs drank 50 to 60 beers from clubhouse-to-clubhouse on trips out west. When the truth of his story was questioned, Nelson called former teammate Paul Sorrento, who then estimated that Boggs would take down 70 beers on the trip.

That's right—former teammates alleged that a member of the game's most elite fraternity could handle as many as 70 Miller Lites on a nine-hour trip based on the timeline given by Nelson. Kornheiser: Okay, so there was a sign on College Game Day about a year ago that said "Wade Boggs once drank 64 beers on a cross-country flight.


No, it's not true. It wasn't But, uh, a lot of people have fun with that. It's noth—, it's nothing to brag about. But, uh, you get bored on a cross-country flight going from Boston to L. Kornheiser: What was the number? Give us the number. Boggs: No, we don't need to, we don't need to divulge the number. It was, uh. Put it this way: it was, it was a few Miller Lites. George Best was the greatest soccer player to ever come out of Northern Ireland—a man the BBC dubbed being "arguably second only to Pele in his footballing skill.

The rest I wasted. In , Best was diagnosed with severe liver damage brought on by his drinking, and required a transplant two years later. His death in November prompted lengthy analysis of his career and his standing in the game, a debate 'The Complete George Best' will help settle. Known primarily for his rock nroll lifestyle after his football career had finished, this book attempts to shed more light on his football career which was, after all, the source of his fame. Taking in every first class match George played for Manchester United, Northern Ireland and Fulham and a lengthy analysis of his later career in America, 'The Complete George Best' traces a career that caught light in the mid-sixties and burned brightly for the next 7 seasons.

Many claimed that Best was the pre-eminent player in the world during this period, his performance against Benfica in Lisbon, when he inspired United to a win widely regarded as the turning point for the Ulsterman, after which life was never quite the same as first the birds and then the booze followed fame into Bests life. Best's career was inextricably linked with the fortunes of Manchester United in the 60s and Matt Busby's quest for the European Cup following the tragedy of the Munich Air disaster.

United's run to the European Cup Final of saw Best a marked man. By this stage his talent was well known and George came to life in the semi-final against Real Madrid, scoring in the first leg and setting up an unlikely winner for Bill Foulkes in the second.

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The final will always be remembered for Best's brilliant goal just minutes into extra time when he found space on the left and skinned the last man before rounding the 'keeper. Most people regard the European triumph as the beginning of the end. In hindsight, and with medals the sole measure of a career's worth, then it probably was, yet Best was good enough to thrill crowds well into the next decade with famous performances such as his double hat-trick against Northampton on a muddy pitch in and a famous hat-trick against Southampton wearing a yellow away kit.

Sadly, alcoholism robbed us of the best of George but most players would kill for a career record that read appearances, goals. This book is ideal both as a work of reference and a detailed insight into the great man's career.

George Best

Darren Phillips has painstakingly pieced together every game and goal scored by Best from his first team debut against West Bromwich Albion in September A funny, vibrant, creative person with lots of friends, she rarely leaves the house. DocArchive : Mouths of The Shannon. Broadcaster Kay Sheehy visits Limerick city, at the mouth of the Shannon, to speak to people there who use their voices in their jobs: actors, auctioneers, musicians, Revenue staff, a taxi dispatcher and a hypnotist New York - 1, David - 0. David Atkinson, a cocky, year old from Wexford goes to New York to find work after college.

The clock starts when the wheels of his suitcase hit American soil. Will he find a job before his money, his visa or his luck runs out? DocArchive : Scythes and Scythe Stones. The use of a scythes have been the trusted tool for many labourers and farmers of decades past. Although rarely seen in use today, this agricultural tool was used for cutting crops and mowing grass before the era of horse drawn blades and motorised mowers. We hear more about this ancient craft and the scythe stones used to sharpen them The Reindeer Santa Left Behind.

Last Christmas Eve Santa Claus was delivering presents around the world. Blitzen got badly injured after a rough landing in Scotland. Luckily the other reindeer made sure Santa made it to Ireland.

Footballs Greatest - George Best (Documentary)

Unsure if Blitzen could return to The North Pole. Santa asked the Mulready family in Wexford if they could nurse Blitzen back to full health London brought hope to many but also the grim reality of those working in uncertain employment from building sites to Soho sex clubs Liam O'Brien visits to learn more DocArchive : Mother and Child Scheme. Health Minister Dr. In the end, the scheme failed, but who exactly was to blame; the doctors, politicians or bishops? DocArchive : Return to Limehill. A village in rural Ireland enriched with stone walls and flat green fields.

DocArchive : Republic of Ireland Act. Legislation that officially closed the door to British Rule and association. We hear from politicians guiding Ireland through this time In , 4 men, including Irish rugby stars Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding, were acquitted on all charges relating to the alleged rape of a 19yr-old woman. The trial provoked widespread media coverage, social media comment and street protests - followed by 2 reports into how Ireland's judicial systems handle serious sexual assault DocArchive : The Ferry People.

The Ferry to France has always had a cherished place among families throughout Ireland who packed up the car for the dream of a sunshine holiday. Staff and ship crew of The Saint Killian II speak of their crossings trying to keep this ship afloat on a sailing from Rosslare to Cherbourg The Battle Of Baltinglass. In November , a letter was received by the sub postmistress in the tiny town of Baltinglass, Co. She was to be sacked and replaced by a government appointee - but she wouldn't go down without a fight. She and her supporters took on the Irish government and in the end, only one of them was left standing - but which one?

Marius Schoon, a long-time activist in the African National Congress who spent many years in Ireland as a political exile following the death of his wife and daughter. Nelson Mandela described him as "an enduring example of the fight for non-racialism and democracy. Schoon died in February Produced and presented by Rodney Rice DocArchive : Families for Children Fostering. Ireland has a long tradition of fostering in Ireland. Families have always taken care of the young and vulnerable but many opt to foster children for long periods of time.

An insight into fostering, social work and children in foster care in Ireland's First Superstar.

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He played to millions during his lifetime. Richard Hayes, Nazi Codebreaker. That book was borne out of this documentary - which tells the incredible true story of a librarian, a Nazi spy and Ireland's secret role in turning the tide of World War II. And at the heart of this story lies an unassuming man from Limerick, named Richard Hayes DocArchive : Painters and Sculptors. An exploration of the art scene in Ireland, particularly in Dublin. Contributors speak of the elitist image of the commercial gallery, the lifestyle and pressures of an artist and the public's engagement with art This is a history of Belfast, from its beginnings as a river-crossing, through its centuries of radical politics and commercial enterprise to the nightmare of the Troubles.

The Summer of Astral Weeks. Van Morrison is one of the great musicians of his generation. His album Astral Weeks is said to be one of the finest albums of all time. We visit Boston, LA and New York to hear the story of that summer and reunite, for the first time in 50 years, the musicians who played on Astral Weeks — bar one. Narrated by Richard Dormer DocArchive : Halfway House. A snapshot of relationships in Ireland at a time when they were considered to be scandalous Bill Long talks to people, involved with much older or much younger partners. The Hospital Always Wins.

Whilst there, Laura stumbled on to a mystery that would take ten years to unravel. It involved one patient, Issa Ibrahim. DocArchive : Mulligan.

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Mulligan was an Irish record company in the 70s and 80s with a catalogue ranging from traditional to contemporary. However, it was far from a typical 9 to 5 office.