Cramsession - CCNP - Building Cisco Multilayer Switch Networks

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Embed Size px x x x x A switch is a networking concentration device sometimes referred to as a multiport bridge.

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Switches are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. When operating in full-duplex mode, they provide dedicated bandwidth to workstations. Switches eliminate collisions by creating microsegments between ports to which the two workstations are attached. They are appropriate for small to large LANs with moderate to heavy traffic. In addition to the physical and data link connections, which are Layers 1 and 2, the computers must also be configured with the correct IP network settings, which is Layer 3, so that they can communicate.

This is referred to as a patch cable or horizontal cabling, which is used to connect workstations and a typical LAN. Start this lab with the equipment turned off and with cabling disconnected. Work in teams of two with one person per PC. The following resources will be required:. Several Ethernet cables, which are straight-through and crossover, to choose from for connecting the two workstations.

Step 1 Identify the proper Ethernet cable and connect the two PCs to the switch a. The connection between the two PCs and the switch will be accomplished using a Category 5 or.

Locate two cables that are long enough to reach from each PC to the switch. Attach one end to the NIC and the other end to a port on the switch. Be sure to examine the cable ends carefully and select only a straight-through cable.

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Step 2 Verify the physical connection a. Troubleshooting Network Problems Describe the steps involved in an effective troubleshooting methodology Follow a systematic troubleshooting process to identify and resolve networking problems Document symptoms, solutions, and results when troubleshooting network problems Use a variety of software and hardware tools to diagnose problems. Module 4 - Configuring network connectivity.

This module explains both IPv4 and IPv6 network connectivity.

It also describes how to implement automatic IP Address Allocation and troubleshoot network connectivity. Chapter 13 - Network security.

In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Password policies ensure that users choose effective passwords; user-level security requires a separate account for each user; in share-level security, all users access shares by using the same passwords; a firewall is a hardware or software product that protects a network from unauthorized access, using techniques such as packet filtering, NAT, or proxy servers; Chapter 16 - Network maintenance. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Magnetic tape is the most popular storage medium for backups; backup software enables you to select the data you want to back up and sends it to the device you use for backups; daily backup jobs can be full backups, incremental backups, or differential backups; Chapter 17 - Network troubleshooting procedures.

Chapter summary: Computers have a variety of ports, some of which are implemented by the motherboard and others by expansion cards; computers use many different types of connectors fortheir various interfaces, and in some cases the same connector type can provide different functions; SCSI host adapters can use any one of several types of connectors, which are not interchangeable; Chapter 18 - Network troubleshooting tools.

This chapter includes contents: Documentation and resources, logs and indicators, network testing and monitoring tools, product documentation, CD-ROM documentation formats, Visitors On-Line:. This site does not infringe any Copyrights. We do not host any files or promote the long term use of them.

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Some may even try to convince others that they're breaking some laws.