Comfort Woman: A Filipinas Story of Prostitution and Slavery under the Japanese Military

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She also stated that she was taken to an underground tunnel and held captive until they were liberated by the Americans. She claimed that dozens of Japanese soldiers visited the tunnel every day and raped her. According to Porras, she was only fed a bowl of rice three times a week with some canned vegetables.

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She further said that no clothing was provided for her, so she always had to wrap an army towel around her body. She also claimed that she narrowly escaped beheading by the Japanese soldiers who tried to escape from the Americans.

She alleged that although one of the Japanese soldiers was waiting with a sword in his hand, another Japanese soldier told him to stop the killing. H enson, who was the first Filipino woman to come forward as a comfort woman, stated that the Japanese soldiers forced her into prostitution at the age of 14 for nine months after taking her from central Luzon Island in February T he class action lawsuit argued that the Japanese government was obliged to compensate the women because sexual slavery violated the Hague Treaty and international rules that protect civilians in military-occupied territories.

Japanese civil laws and Philippine domestic laws were also invoked in the suit. In his ruling, Judge Yoriaki Ichikawa, who presided over the case at the Tokyo District Court, dismissed the plaintiffs' argument that Tokyo owed them compensation under the Hague convention on the laws and customs of war on land Japan became the signatory to the Hague Convention in Judge Ichikawa said that the convention only defined compensation obligations "between states, and did not provide for individual victims the right to seek compensation from a state.

The judge then emphasized that the right to make claims had already lapsed under Japanese law, since the case was brought before the court more than 20 years after the end of World War II, exceeding the statute of limitations. Finally, he stated that Japan and the Philippines abandoned any claims for compensation from each other with Japan's payment of war reparations stipulated in the San Francisco Peace Treaty. Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

From Comfort Woman: "We began the day with breakfast, after which we swept and cleaned our rooms.

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Then we went to the bathroom downstairs to wash the only dress we had and to bathe. The bathroom did not even have a door, so the soldiers watched us.

Former 'comfort woman' recalls horrors

We were all naked, and they laughed at us, especially me and the other young girl who did not have any pubic hair. My work began, and I lay down as one by one the soldiers raped me. Every day, anywhere from twelve to over twenty soldiers assaulted me. There were times when there were as many as thirty; they came to the garrison in truckloads.

Whenever the soldiers did not feel satisfied, they vented their anger on me. Every day, there were incidents of violence and humiliation.

Comfort Woman

When the soldiers raped me, I felt like a pig. Sometimes they tied up my right leg with a waist band or a belt and hung it on a nail in the wall as they violated me. I felt my blood turn white.

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I heard that there was a group called the Task Force on Filipino Comfort Women looking for women like me. I could not forget the words that blared out of the radio that day: 'Don't be ashamed, being a sex slave is not your fault. It is the responsibility of the Japanese Imperial Army. Stand up and fight for your rights.

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  7. Her triumph against all odds is embodied by her decision to go public with the secret she had held close for fifty years. Now in a second edition with a new introduction and foreword that bring the ongoing controversy over the comfort women to the present, this powerful memoir will be essential reading for all those concerned with violence against women. The book's value has been increased markedly by the inclusion of Tnaka's cogent introduction that works so well in conjunction with Henson's gripping life experience.

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    Comfort Woman will be a welcome addition to courses in Asian studies as well as women's history courses. The only problem readers may have is an emotional one. Help Centre.