Becoming a Parent: The Emotional Journey Through Pregnancy and Childbirth (Family Matters)

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We will give you a check-up, share tips for preparing for pregnancy and talk to you about potential risk factors. See the preconception checklist. Learn more about our pregnancy and baby classes. Do you want an epidural? What about using a birthing ball or soaking tub to ease your labor pain?

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Manage your pain during labor and delivery. Read about care after delivery. Vincent Healthcare to give you and your baby the care you both need. Explore our services and treatments.

Our healthcare providers can support you no matter if you want a low-intervention birth, a traditional birth or need additional care for a high-risk pregnancy. Your team may include:. Take a tour of our mother and newborn unit. We have 12 beautiful and private birthing suites and two specially-designed operating rooms for cesarean sections, if necessary. If your baby is born prematurely or needs a little help after birth, he or she can receive the high-quality care right here at home, including:. When your little one is in the NICU, it can be a little overwhelming.

Children who graduate from the St. This program helps with any needs they may have as they develop. Learn what to expect in a NICU. In the event that the unexpected happens during your pregnancy and you or your baby needs urgent medical attention, St.

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Vincent for continued support. At St. No matter how you choose to feed your baby, our goal is to support you and make sure your baby is healthy. So now when we go back to that phrase.. Smoking makes them breathe faster … probably so that they can get more oxygen from you. It also suppresses their appetite. In the last study, one of the key reasons for the difference was the diet available to the mothers during their pregnancy due to them living off the land and eating seasonally available food. Another mum has shared that she had to leave the cinema when within a film about the Vietnam war, and another complained of intense kicks while watching Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Your baby learns your TV and music habits. If you spend time watching the news, soap operas or listening to music when pregnant, then it will be familiar to them once earthside. Singing to your baby. The lullabies you sing to your unborn baby have a remarkable ability to calm your baby post birth. I used this for my second baby and it definitely worked for me!

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In one story from the book The Secret Life of the Unborn Child , a conductor shares how there were certain pieces of music that he was instantly familiar with on hearing for the first time… he later figured out that his mother who was a cellist had spent hours practising it when she was pregnant with him. If you feel anxious and fearful, so will they.

The same goes for joy and happiness, they will feel it too. From their perspective, they are about to enter a world that is fearful or stressful, so they need to prepare. Physically, they are growing in a more acidic and toxic environment due to the high levels of cortisol that will be circulating your system. This can impact their growth and lead to a number of health challenges.

There is a lot of evidence that shows that stressed and anxious mothers are more likely to give birth to babies with eczema, asthma and hayfever and allergies. My mum was super stressed when she was pregnant with me and I had all three of those things! I still do. They know your inner thoughts.

Your thoughts are like a radio for them; whether or not they adopt those thoughts is something else. She came to me asking for help with her little 3-year-old daughter. Weird huh? In my initial chat with the mum to try and understand the situation a bit better, I asked her about her pregnancy. She said that it was pretty good apart from the morning sickness. So I asked her to tell me a bit more about the kind of thoughts she would typically have in relation to the morning sickness.

This is where babies learn about the environment they are going to be born in, and they prepare themselves accordingly for survival. French hearing pioneer Dr. This is one reason why dads need to make an extra special effort to speak to baby — go up close the bump, speak a bit louder, raise the pitch of their voice etc. Speaking to your baby is a lovely way to connect and create a bond with your baby. And if you do so by assuming that they DO understand then it can help you to feel less silly. I used to speak to both my babies while they were marinading in me and because I believed that I was being listened to and understood.

It added a whole new dimension to the dialogue. Which of the things on this list surprise you? Are there any that have made you want to make a few changes to your behaviour during pregnancy?

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Conscious Conception and Pregnancy, with Jane Jennings. How to enjoy a conscious pregnancy, with Julie-Anne Mullan. As the newly minted dads drove home from the hospital with baby in tow, I drove to my own home with empty arms and a broken heart. While grappling with the emotional rollercoaster of saying goodbye to my newborn baby, I realized why the experts advise against childless women becoming surrogates. Not only were there reproductive health risks, but it was impossible for me to know exactly what I would be going through during pregnancy and what I was giving up post-birth, having never experienced motherhood before.

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In the throes of my grief after Natalie was born, I turned to online forums to seek comfort and camaraderie from other surrogate mothers. Through the message boards, I found a small group of women who shared my experience and feelings, most of whom had their own children but still struggled with feelings of loss after the births of their surrogate babies. Defying reason, I became a surrogate once more, giving birth only 15 months later to another healthy baby girl. Any therapist would tell you I was recreating trauma to gain some semblance of control over the situation the second time around.

The couple I had the baby for quickly became my chosen family.

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I was no longer the naive former version of myself who thought a few pictures now and again would quell my maternal feelings for the children that I had carried and loved. Shortly after giving birth, my relationship with my partner ended, and I began to realize just how much surrogacy had changed me. It changed the way I saw mothers with their babies. At times, jealousy would overcome me as I watched mothers play with their toddlers in the park while I looked after the children I nannied.